Did Seohyun Have Plastic Surgery? Another Flaw in SNSD?

Plastic surgery has been very well known to be related to the realm of celebs and artists. There have been in fact a great number of celebs and artists that have been rumored to have done some plastic surgeries to get the look they want and, of course, improve how they appear in front of the camera. There is also another reason supporting the plastic surgery, which is related to the need to preserve the youthful and fresh look. Particularly in Korea, there are so many artists that have been speculated to have chosen to resort to the surgeon to get the look that they desire the most. One of the Korean artists that were said to have gone under the knife is Seohyun. Seohyun is so popular for her career in one of the most massive girl band in Korea, SNSD. Seohyun indeed managed to get public interest by showing the beauty and charm she has. This became even crazier since the singer was rumored to have done plastic surgery. The scandals of Seohyun plastic surgery was on everyone’s lips at that time. Public reaction was so surprising as the singer has never been rumored to have any scandal in her life and career.

Was it a Fake Beauty?

Of course, Korea denotes one of many countries where there are so many attractive and hot female artists. Even though there have been so many rumors about an artist taking plastic surgery, the fame that the artists have are still so extensively sound. Seohyun definitely managed to get her fans infatuated by her charm. However, it was tainted by the rumors saying that the singer had plastic surgery, which was rumored to be the key to gain the success that she has today. The what has been rumored to have taken place? Surely there are a number of pictures showing the differences between before and after the plastic surgery. One of the many rumors regarding Seohyun plastic surgery was that she has some botox injections. Botox injections were rumored to have been chosen as she has looked much chubbier. Also, it seemed that she also has some breast implant jobs to get her breast lifted and enlarged. Of course, this can be saliently noticeable in the photo. You can see that her boobs and face have been different to some extent. If you pay attention to the photos showing the difference before and after the rumored plastic surgery, you can see that her eyelid is different as well.

Another Knife Work on her right leg

In addition to the aforementioned plastic surgery rumors, Seohyun has also been reported to have some plastic surgery on her right leg. Legs have been known as one of the most frequently exploited part of the body to show charm and beauty. And you can see how well her leg has been improved to get fans attracted. Previously, Seohyun right leg was a bit more well built. The rumors about Seohyun plastic surgery really shocked her fans and SNSD fans of course. In the case of Seohyun, lots of people were disappointed in as much as Seohyun is basically sweet and beautiful. Many people wondered why she managed to get the knife work. Even though she managed to escalate her beauty, it was deemed that being naturally beautiful denotes the best thing to have — especially when taking into account the fact that she is only twenty-three years old. Having plastic surgery at that age is something that is considered detrimental rather than advantageous.


Sarah Brightman Plastic Surgery Scandals – Was it true American Beauty?

Plastic surgery has been well known to be attributed to the movie industry. Even though there have been lots of controversies about the knife work and horrendous news about the surgical procedure, lots of people resort to the cosmetic surgery to get the artist-like appearance. Of the most wanted look in the plastic surgery is the fact that most people consider Angeline Jolie’s look like the ideal look to have through plastic surgery. Nowadays, there have been more and more looks that people desire to have. The other artist, other than Angelina Jolie, who was once rumored to have done the plastic surgery was Sarah Brightman. A lot of buzzes about Sarah Brightman got said. The rumors about Sarah Brightman plastic surgery was really massively shocking at that time in that lots of people considered that the rumors were true. The actress has been known for her roles in a number of great movies, such as Phantom of the Opera and Song of Dance. Due to all the charm and success that she gained, the emergence of the plastic surgery rumors was not unbearable.

Was there any evidence at all that she had the knife work?

Of course, when hearing the rumors about plastic surgery, there would be some pros and cons of the issues. This was initially surmounted by the existence of some photos which were spread on the internet. These photos were meant to show the difference between the before and after the knife work. In the case of Sarah Brightman plastic surgery, there have been only very few pictures related to the speculated plastic surgery. Now let’s look at some of the difference that those pictures claim to have shown. Recently, Sarah Brightman has shown to have more beautiful eyes. In the photos taken in 1983, you can see that her eyes appear wide and big. However, it is no longer visible that she has the same look in the recent photo. You can judge by yourself if she has the plastic surgery yet the photo indeed shows that her eyes have been escalated. According to the photo, you can see that her eyes have been much more sharpened. The eyes look sexier. The other thing that also appears different is the eyebrow. It was not certain whether she changed the way her eyebrow looks through the rumored plastic surgery or simply used cosmetics. Her eyes have been differently beautiful.

An undertaking devoted to withstanding the years

As what has been commonly rumored to happen on the senior actress, aging problem is the most hated enemy in their career. It is not surprising that most actresses would go to the surgeon to have their look escalated and, further, preserved as long as possible. Based on www.isuwft.com, Sarah Brightman, who is now at her fifty, was rumored to have done the knife work in as much as there seem to be no signs of aging commonly noticeable on aged people. As you can see in the before and after Sarah Brightman plastic surgery. You can see that Sarah Brightman still has the gorgeous looks she had when she was young. The fifty-one-year-old actress was rumored to have some botox injections to preserve her beauty. She was speculated to have botox injections to make her look remain chubby and cute. Just like what you see on the photo, you can see that her face still looks so young without any visible wrinkles. In addition to the botox injections, Sarah Bright man was rumored to have liposuction as well.