The Rumors on Sally Fields Plastic Surgery – A Fake Beauty?

Lots of artists have been rumored to have done some plastic surgeries. This particular cosmetic surgery has been very well known to give significant change in just no time at all. This rapid change indeed really attracts lots of people, particularly those working in front of the camera, to have some changes done on their look. In the movie industry, plastic surgery has been known to be strongly attributed to artist and celebs. Of course, everyone wants to stay at the top of their career. And, having plastic surgery done to preserve the beautiful and charming look denotes the key to gain success in a longer extent. Due to this, paradigm, lots of artists have been speculated to take the knife work. This also happened to Sally Fields. Sally Fields is known as one of the sexiest female actresses in the United States. Sally Fields was once involved in The Flying Nun with Field cast as Sister Bertrille for about three seasons. It was from 1967 to 1970 that she took part in that famous movie. Once she said that she really enjoyed her career in front of the camera. In 1971, Sally Field made a number of guest television appearance and took part in the ABC movie entitled Maybe I’ll Come Home in the Spring. This movie indeed escalated her career as an actress. The other massive success that she gained was that when she cast in Alias Smith and Jones and in Night Gallery. With all those successes, Sally Fields was truly vulnerable to rumors. Once it was rumored that the actress had some plastic surgery to escalate her beauty. The rumors about Sally Fields plastic surgery was on everyone’s lips at that time.

Did Sally Field really go under the knife Work – Before and After the Rumored Plastic Surgery

A lot of speculations were made after the rumors got said. Lots of people, including her fans, were shocked by the rumors on Sally Fields. Presumably, the demand that Sally had in the movie industry denoted the most dominant reason why the rumors got spoken. It has been widely known that the actress has to appear flawless in front of the camera. Otherwise, no career will ever be sparked. In the case of Sally Fields plastic surgery rumors, it was said that in order to maintain her look, Sally Fields has done a number of plastic surgeries. The plastic surgery procedures, including facelift and neck lift, have been strongly speculated to have been taken by Sally Fields. This was common that the artist took such surgery to preserve their charming look. If you look carefully at Sally Fields before and after photos, you can see that there are lots of charms sparked by the rather aged face. Not to mention that she is at her fifties, her face still looks so fresh and young. It was assumed that the actress had the knife work to get the wrinkles ridden off, something that most actresses were rumored to have done.

Was there any truth behind it?

A great number of people then really questioned the truth behind the rumors about Sally Fields plastic surgery. Lots of things got spoken as the news got publicized or, better, rumored. The buzz about Sally Fields plastic surgery indeed caused lots of controversies. In addition to the rumored plastic surgery, it was also said that the actress had botox injections to make her look fascinatingly youthful as if she were at the age of forty or even thirty. You can see that Sally, who is now at her fifty, still poses lots of youthful charm and enchantment regardless of the fact that she is no longer young.

Did Richie Sambora Really Have the Plastic Surgery?

Richie Sambora has been known very well as the guitarist of massive group band Bon Jovi. With the band, he has earned lots of fame and success in his music career. In addition, he also has gained lots of wealth from his musical trajectory. Richie Sambora was the also once the guitarist of the band Message. He was a part owner of a club in New Jersey. Even at the age of nineteen, he already gained the independent label Dream Disc Records. Richie Sambora’s professional tour was the spearhead act for Joe Cocker in the early 1980s. Before joining Bon Jovi in 1983, Richie had taken part in an audition for KISS. The massive group band, Bon Jovi added Richie Sambora to replace the previous guitarist, Dave Sabo. As Sambora indeed attracted the band, Richie Sambora was finally got hired on the spot. The band did sound much better than before. Sambora really made a huge difference in the band. Not only did he act as a guitarist, but he also took part as lead vocalist sometimes. Richie Sambora truly gained lots of success with Bon Jovi. As what happened to any other artist, some scandals may have tainted their life and career. It was rumored that once Richie Sambora had some plastic surgeries. The rumors about Richie Sambora plastic surgery indeed shocked his fans for some time. However, no matter how much had been said about the very issues, rumors stayed as rumors.

Was there any evidence at all of the knife work?

Soon after the issue got spread, lots of people, including his fans foraged for the evidence showing that he indeed had the rumored plastic surgery. As commonly happened, there were lots of searchings on the internet for the photos of Richie Sambora before and after the plastic surgery. Presumably, this has been greatly known as the most convincing evidence if one had done some plastic surgeries. Even though there was in fact photo showing the difference before and after Richie Sambora plastic surgery, none had been said by the musician about the issue. If you have found the picture showing the difference that Richie had before and after the plastic surgery, you will notice that there are some minor changes in his look. None of the changes spotted shows massive changes. There have been lots of people who think that the rumors about Richie Sambora plastic surgery were true. Looking at the before and after photo, Richies looked very nice in that rather long face. His skin still looks tight and young. You can also see that his neck appear so tight without any visible wrinkles, just like as those on aged men. This fact somehow leads to the emergence of Richie Sambora taking botox injections.  Presumably, neck lift surgery was once done in this area.

The case of botox injections

If you really pay attention to his lips and eyes, Richie does not show any sign of aging as such is usually attributed to the use of filler injection like Botox injections or any other filler injections. This injection has been well known as the most instant way to exert massively youthful look no matter how old a person is. It is then impossible for someone at the age of fifty to have such a youthful look without any cosmetic surgery. Public then were quite convinced that Richie Sambora had the plastic surgery.  The fact that his neck still look s flawless caused lots of speculations that Richie Sambora had neck Platymaplasty to preserve the tight skin on his neck.